Spread the Cost

The problem…

One aspect of getting a new website developed that frustrates a lot of companies, particularly small businesses is the cost of your project and managing cash flow. As a small business ourselves, we understand that the capital isn’t always available for large projects, so we have another option…

The usual arrangement…

The usual arrangement when getting your new website made, is 50% upfront and 50% upon completion to specification. For much larger projects this can sometimes be split into smaller milestones, but this can still occasionally be cost prohibitive when these milestone payments fall due.

Depending on the quoted cost of the site and the terms, this can sometimes prevent businesses who need a new professionally designed website, from making a commitment to develop.

What’s the alternative…

For a limited amount of customers per year, and provided your project meets the criteria, we can provide a Spread the Cost arrangement.

Allowing you to stay in control of your costs and not compromise your cash flow.

We take a lower deposit of between 20% and 30% (variable based on your project cost) upfront before design and development starts, then we take the remaining amount and spread the cost of the rest of your development over 6, 9 or 12 months.

What’s the catch…

The development process will be the same as any other development, the only thing that changes is the payment process.

The length of your Spread the Cost plan will be determined by the total quoted cost of your project, and while within the Spread the Cost payment plan, we retain control of your website and hosting must be provided by us.

Any third party costs such as software licensing, security certificates, stock assets, domain names, etc are not included in the payment plan and will be charged separately.

Please Note: Minimum of £700 spend on website services to qualify for Spread the Cost

How it works

Below is an example case of a £1000 website build and associated costs, prices are to be used as a guide only.

Development Quote

Website Development £1000
Domain Name £20
Security Certificate £30
Hosting £22 per month

Upfront Costs

Upfront you pay 30% (£300)
You also pay £20 up front to secure your domain name
£320 up front

Monthly Costs

Remaining development costs are £700 we split this into 6 monthly payments of around £116 each with the first payment starting 30 days after your deposit payment.

In this example your development process takes 6 weeks to complete your website

The monthly payment immediately after completion will increase to £138 per month, to include your hosting costs, along with a one off additional payment of £30 to cover the cost of your security certificate.

Once the final development cost monthly payment is made, ownership of the site will transfer to you, and monthly payments will drop to £22 per month for hosting only, plus any additional services you have requested.

Example Cost Breakdown and Schedule

  • March – Upfront Costs £320
  • April – Monthly Payment £116
  • May – Monthly Payment £168 (incl Hosting & Security Certificate)
  • June – Monthly Payment £138 (incl Hosting)
  • July – Monthly Payment £138 (incl Hosting)
  • August – Monthly Payment £138 (incl Hosting)
  • September – Final Payment £138 (incl Hosting)
  • October – Hosting Only £22

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